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30 Jun

Paths 1968 - .great year, i was born i in Milan. I attended "Hatching" a school of furniture. Shortly after i began to work with several studies of architecture, where i specialised in artistic perspectives with a drawingboard colored watercolor. It was the first period, that of manual techniques. A period very beautiful when the digital did not yet exist, even if now i love it and i can't do without it. Later i started graphics at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and in the meantime, I have worked with several graphic design studios. Then I realized that my true passion was, paint and draw. So I have changed address passing to the course d illustration. Finally my life has taken the right road, illustrations and decorations. I started my business by decorating premises such as McDonald's and other local, private houses for which I have done scenography and huge decorations. In the last few years, i have gained a passion for the resins with which I create explosions of color. I have always worked alone. He measured my forces. I know where arrival and when we arrived, when to accept or refuse. With the mature and with the acquisition of increasingly and more technique i started to realize the first illustrations for books, novels and covers. I have produced work for Sperling and Kupfer, Rizzoli, Mursia and Rusconi-and many other publishers. In the field of gadgets i have designed a beautiful erotic horoscope for the ideas of Salemi. In the field of eros, i made erotic dishes to Malchus, for Rizzoli and for news in 2000 i designed the inserts with the erotic secrets of vip, while for Sperling i made the covers of their line spicy humor. I had the luck to become mother of two fantastic children so i dived down with them through the wonderful world of illustrations for children. I have illustrated books of childhood with characters always new, for Mirro, corrected, joints, PBM, Fabbri. I also decorated themed several spaces for children, kindergarten and bedrooms. Browsing through my gallery you will discover who they are and how much passion i put in all my work. The life of an illustrator is very varied. My happiness is starting each day with a new idea. In the digital era, between editing programs and graphics tablet i could never abandon the classic pencil. All part of her, each idea before becoming reality part from a sketch to then take life between a thousand colors real and virtual-. Silvia Gaudenzi

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