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Ophir is an international 3D and VR modeling agency active since 2009 that is helping companies to grow with the use of thes technologies. Since we decided to have a Virtual-Office we are available to work with clients in all regions of the world and with very flexible schedules.

The 3D world is boundless and we use different technics based on the visualization needs of our clients: from traditional 3D rendering to real-time visualization which gives the possibility to move in an environment as it happens (as in a videogame), and virtual reality wich allows one to observe an object from multiple perspectives in an unique immersive experience.

Thanks to this technology and creativity it is possible for us at Ophir to work in any sector: from architecture and business to art, entertainment, etc. But what we seek in first place is to simplify and open new opportunities for companies and above all for all the users and consumers involved with them.

In today's world where we are being being submitted to thousands (or rather millions) of images, to capture the attention and interest of the potential customer/user it is essential to focus on multimedia content. Two-dimensional flat world images can't convey the whole complex reality of the product/work, this implies a lack and the potential risk of losing the customer which will be driven instinctively towards the attractive prices of inferior products.

Finally, with 3D technology and thanks to the introduction of VR-commerce you can also say enough to physical showrooms (expensive and not always easily accessible for all customers). thereby drawing the attention of the potential customer by showing him every valuable detail crafted with great skill.

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