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At the University I was taught how to perform a market analysis, how to establish a company strategy, and how to manage products and services from the commercial network prices to the communication.
The specialised studies have increased my knowledge and my ability to perceive a strategic planning for a company's activity, as well as a tailor-made design of the internal and external communication. I have mastered the principal methods to be used for analysing the competitive positioning and drawing up strategic action plans both from a theoretical and from a practical standpoints. Through the work experiences I have learned how to use the tools to be used for a market research such as focus-group, issue and reporting of tests and questionnaires, company's positioning analysis and benchmarking, as well as the tools for perceiving and analysing customers satisfaction. Last, but not least, I have mastered web marketing techniques very useful for e-commerce optimisation and for creating contacts on social network also by SEO & Twitter Management courses. Further, my in-depth studies on brand image, place me in a position to say that I have reached a fully knowledgeable stage to act as a counsellor within the sphere of managerial decisions. Finally, by virtue of my work experiences, I have acquired the capacity to operate in team-work, the ability to analyse and abide strictly by company's objectives in terms of timing and deadlines.

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Best Advance Srl 

Economia e Marketing  
Management e Comunicazione D'impresa  

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