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11 Feb

I own a bachelor degree in Informatic-Economy and a master degree in Information Security.
I have been working for seven months as Sytem Analyst. Working there I learned a lot about CRM of CoreBOS, VTiger and Oracle Right Now.
Also I was an intern at General Directory of Albanian Mail. There I learned about Active Directory and Wordpress (where I created my own website).
Another internship I pursued was at an albanian programming company, where I learned a lot about SEO Search Engine Optimisation, finding keywords and creating efficent content.
I can assure you that I am a fast learner. I am enthusiastic and I don’t give up easily. I am very analytical and I can work very well under pressure.
I am well organized. I have good communication skills and I can easily work in teams.

Esperienze e Studi

System Information Analyst 

Bachelor Degree in Business Informatics  
Master of Science in Information Security  

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