Omar Martini

MEMBRO DAL 22 Gen 2014
  • scrittura e traduzione
  • Italy Emilia-Romagna Bologna
  • Privato senza P.IVA

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I'm an Italian native speaker and I've got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (American English and German).
I've been working for almost 20 years in the publishing field in several roles (translator from English to Italian, copyeditor, proof reading, writer, editor, publisher) both for large and small publishing houses, mainly as freelance, but I also had a full time experience as editor-in-chief, where I followed all the aspects of the book production.
I am an experienced translator from English to Italian. I'm full aware of the several problems which are contained in translating information, concepts and ideas from one language to a different one, and I'm able to resolve them.
I run a publishing house for more than 10 years, and supervising all the aspects, from the contact with publishers to the printed book.
My main focus has been on comics, but I have a general knowledge in other fields, as well, and so I'm able to adapt and produce whatever type of text is needed.
Moreover, in the last years I also developed a knowledge in the graphic field, using the programs Quark X-Press, Indesign and Photoshop. In this case, too, I worked both as freelance for other publishers and for my company, too.

I'm fully committed to the projects I work on, where I give not only the translated text, but also information about how the work flowed and, if needed, also suggestions on how to modify the piece in order to have it better appreciated by an Italian reader.

Contact me whenever you need me: I'll email you back promptly in order to start working on new projects immediately.

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